jul 2 - fuckers [02.07.2005 @ 23:09]

after a rather l____o________n____g day at work(s), i decided to head into the local cowboy bar and have some drinks with Jaqs (work colleague/fellow post-grad student/heterosexual handbag/partner-in-crime).
seeings as i'd been up since 0700 and have to be back at work at 0700, i decided i wasn't going to stay long.
but i didn't even make it into the bar.
on my way in the cops pulled up in front of me, saw a lovely big red P plate and decided they were going to have some fun and tell me that "...you're not allowed to drive this kinda of vehicle, missy...you can get a fine...lose demerit points...blah blah blah...oink oink oink...".
thankfully after the last encounter with the boys in blue i called subaru demanding that they explain to me why i was sold a $50,000 car that i am not legally allowed to drive. they basically told me that my car is heavier than the standard WRX(i have the 2005 limited edition evo 8 *VroO0OoM*)..and they sent me out the japanese specs...as well as a lovely little letter explaing exactly why (in laymans terms) my car is 2kW under the current australian power-to-weight ratio. mr police officer wasn't terribly pleased when he saw this letter..because it meant that he couldn't fine me or take 3 demerit points away.
after showing them the letter and commenting how Jacs and i were psych nurses at the local hospital, they changed their tone and became all friendly. one even asked how much i paid for my toy.
not being able to resist the chance at a little dig, i replied "more than a cop could afford".
double heh.
it's not their fault, though..i guess they have a job to do like the rest of us..and even i have to do things at work that i think are silly or punitive - but my job description tells me i must enforce such things. so i really shouldn't blame the cops.

but i've gotta say - it felt good knowing that i was right and they were wrong.

for now..i'm off to bed. i've gotta be up in 7 hours.

thankfully i get a sleep in on monday.

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